We took our name from the famous crew of Jason, the Argonauts, who went on the expedition of finding the Golden Fleece. Traveling in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea to the northern coasts of the Black Sea using sales and paddles in one of the most magnificent mythological journeys. Among those Heroes and

Manager: Kostas Kalpenidis Tel: +30 22840 61364
Location: Antiparos Village Mobile: +30 6938 118415
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Blue Island Divers invites you to explore the idyllic island of Antiparos..The island is well known for its golden beaches, crystal clear waters, friendly atmosphere and rich marine life.Here you will enjoy diving into a colorful underwater world, discover hidden treasures and experience the endless blue...

Manager: Alexandros Mantxouridis el./Fax:: +30 22840 61493
Location: Antiparos Village Winter: +30 210 9657483
    Fax Winter: +30 210 8994490
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The trip around Antiparos on board the traditional boat "THIELLA" last about 6,5 hours. During the trip you can visit places unknown to many tourists that visit our island. On board the ship we serve refreshments, beers, local wine & "souma". Lunch is preaperd by our captain Anastasios Kouvaras.

Manager: Anastasios Kouvaras el.: +30 22840 61028
Location: Antiparos Village Mobile: +30 6972 809962

Take a boat trip to the hidden Antiparos with SARGOS, visiting unrechable beaches and swimming in the clearest and most beautiful waters of the island.Sargos departs from the port of Antiparos daily at 10 in the morning and returns at 5 in the afternoon.

Manager: Giorgos"Sargos" Mobile: +30 6973 7948762
Location: Antiparos Village    
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