There are 16 international airports in Greece and air links to every major European city. In addition, there are direct flights to and from the USA, Canada, Australia and many Asian cities. There are also frequent flights to/from Istanbul and Sofia. Cheap charter flights are available from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris to Athens, Thessaloniki and some of the islands. There are ferries from Brindisi, Bari and Otranto in Italy, and from various Aegean ports in Turkey. There are also boats from Israel and Cyprus.

The islands
From the major Greek airports you will find everyday flights to/from the islands, including Paros. For flight information or booking, call the Olympic Airways or consult one of their international offices.

On the map you can see all the routes to/from the Cyclades islands. For boat information you can call the Central Harbor of Piraeus. For booking and more detailed information on ferries timetables, inland or abroad, try or

There are two ports connecting Antiparos with Paros. The first is Parikia, which is the main port of Paros. In season time (June - September) there are everyday routes, starting from early in the morning and stopping before midnight, (trip duration is 30min).  During the rest of the year there are lese routes mainly in daytime. You will find the boat on your left, as you disembark.  

The second is Pounda, 10Km from Parikia, were you can go with the local bus or taxi, both  found at the port of Parikia. The  are continuous  routes in season time, and at daytime the rest of the year. This is  the only way to get a car or motorcycle to Antiparos, (trip duration is 8min).

Ship routes

Boat information

Central Harbor of Piraeus


tel. :

+30 1 4226000-4


Olympic Airways

Flight Information Booking
tel.:  +30 1 9363363 tel.:

+30 1 9666666

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