The Enetic castle of  Antiparos due to the similarity of the traditional settlement, stands hidden in the center of the village. Hidden because the word “castle”, prejudices the visitor for walls with loopholes. With a second glance though, one can recognize the square complex of houses that compose it. Constructed on the first decade of 1440, to accommodate and protect the settlers from the frequent raids of pirates. 


The castle in its first form was a square complex of houses, with an interior yard and a round tower in the middle. The outside walls of the houses formed the outer wall, and the only entrance was from the south side of the castle. The residencies consisted of basement, and two floors connected with a built-in staircase for the first floor and a wooden one for the second. Some later changes, were the “ksopirgo” (outer tower) in the northern side, as well as some houses and churches on the inner yard, around the central tower.

Since most of the residencies are still inhabited, minor substitutions and alterations have been made to improve their functionality. From the original construction, remain all basement walls, and some sections from the upper floors. In the location of the middle tower, which was either the last refuge for the settlers or the residence of the local noble, stands only the base, in the shape of a truncated cone.

The castles entrance is located next to the Metropolis of St. Nicholas, on the northern side of the central square.


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