Southeast from the village, on top of St. Yannis hill, is located the famous Cave of Antiparos. The Cave has been a sight of interest for many years since it was known from ancient times. At that time, visitors were coming till Apantima with small boats, and then climbing the hill using donkeys, till the cave's entrance. The road today is made of asphalt and the donkeys are only used from the parking till the entrance as a tourist attraction. In front of the arched entrance of the cave, stands the beautiful church of St. Ioanni the Spilioti built in the 18th century.

The descent during the past years was made with ropes and torches, in the place of which you will find stairs and electric lamps. But the descent is still as impressive as it was then, as you go downwards passing through the extraordinary stalagmite and stalactite formations. In the main hall stands the impressive “Altar”, an 8m stalagmite in the shape of a truncated cone. It has been named like that since 1673, when the priest that escorted marquis Nte Nouantel, ambassador of France in Constantinople, performed the Christmas mass on it. On the stalagmite there is an engraving in Latin that says: “ Here Christ himself celebrated his birthday in the middle of the night in 1673”.

From the numerous engravings found in the cave, we can spot one from the 7th century B.C Parian poet Arhilohou, and until the past century, there still was an engraving from officers of the Great Alexander, that were hiding inside the cave, after an unsuccessful conspiracy against him. Also there is an engraving from Othon, the first appointed king of Greece, who visited the cave at 1840, with Amalia and their escorts. Unfortunately during the Russian occupation, (from 1770 to 1774), Russian officers cut many stalactites, and sent them to the Ermitaz museum of St. Petersburg. During the 2nd world war, the cave suffered various catastrophes from the Italian soldiers.

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